Thanksgiving Full of Kale

Hello again blog buds!  Hope you have had a productive “Black Friday”!  I have, but I’m still WAY behind in my xmas shopping!

To recap our Thanksgiving, it was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day!  It started a little too early for my taste shortly before 4:00 AM, but sometimes that’s just when my body decides it’s time to get up.  I spent the early (and QUIET) morning hours writing yesterday’s blog post, then catching up on my recorded chick-shows while the rest of the household members were sleeping.

We started the morning with the SOYsage Gravy and Biscuits (recipe in the Build-A-Meal tab if you didn’t see the post).  Then because it was over 60 degrees outside 🙂 we went out for a hilly power walk.  It was only 3.26 miles, but since the hills were steep we felt like we got a great workout (at least that’s what my glutes and calves told me!)  

I had a green smoothie when I returned.  I’ve been missing these the past week!  Some days when I feel chilly, a green smoothie just doesn’t always sound good because the idea of it makes me feel chillier!  Luckily it was warm enough yesterday to crave one.   Still rockin’ the festive green & red thanks to the cranberries. 

img 873

Later I made a BIG batch of baked kale chips.  Two trays of kale.  And guess what I did?  I ate it ALL!!!  Every last bite of kale!  I didn’t INTEND to eat all of it – I INTENDED to make it for something to snack on during the Broncos game.  When it came time to actually sit down to our Thanksgiving meal, I wasn’t very hungry — I’d eaten THAT much kale!  🙂  I guess if you are going to overeat something, nutrient-rich kale would be the food to choose! 

img 876

We each had some time to relax for a bit, then it was time to make phone calls to family members & time for me to get busy in the kitchen (with cooking, that is!) 

Finally time to eat our holiday meal!  Wahooo!

Here is MSP’s Thanksgiving plate:  roast turkey breast and mashed potatoes, both covered with gravy, along with some mac-n-cheese spirals, cornbread and unpictured Crescent rolls (because truly it’s not Thanksgiving without Crescent rolls!)  Oh, and a side of beer!

img 879

And here is my plate (or bowl, I should say):  Heavenly Ginger Curry Squash soup, with a side of 1/2 baked sweet potato.   And a glass of Riesling on the side.  It doesn’t look like much, but it definitely filled me up.

img 882

I had also intended to make a sweet & savory broccoli salad, but to be honest I was so darn full after eating the kale that more greens just didn’t sound appealing at all!  We both had PLENTY to eat and were soon relaxing on the couch to take in some football and a movie.  (FYI “Funny People” with Adam Sandler is anything but FUNNY — just a heads up.)

Even the puppies got a little GREEN action in their bowls for the holiday – here’s Rascal chowing down on chopped organic cucumber and sprouts:

img 860

Overall I had a VERY healthy Thanksgiving.  My only real ‘splurge’ for the day was a piece of apple pie.  It clocked in at 580 calories, so rather than flood my system with more calories in one sitting than it should handle, I cut the pie into two pieces.  I had one-half late afternoon, and the other as an evening snack. 

You know your “Healthy Holiday Eating Plan” was a success when you hop on the scale the day after Thanksgiving to find that your weight is down 3/4 of a pound from what it was the day BEFORE Thanksgiving!  Now that is something for which to be thankful!  😉 

— Shari B. =)

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