Fun with Zucchini

Hi friends!  It’s Wednesday!

Are you excited for New Year’s Eve tomorrow?  I am!  Not that I’ll see midnight (I rarely do anymore!)

This morning’s post has to be a QUICK one.  Thanks to some technical difficulties (you know me and my electric force field that seems to freak out all the stuff I use) I wasn’t able to get online to work on the post this morning as I usually do.  Now I’m crunched for time!  Can’t we add about 3 more hours of TIME to each day?

On the exercise front, our new Wii game arrived last night, “Just Dance” and I had a hilarious time trying to follow the dance to MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This” (I have video but it will take a lot of money to get me to post it!)  😉 This game is crazy fun.  I love it.  Next time I’ll have to wear my heart rate monitor to see how it fares as ‘exercise’.  It FELT like I was working hard.  Somehow in the video, my “hip hop dancing” looks more like a Jane Fonda aerobics video!!

Basic eats yesterday to be sure.  Oatmeal in the morning with some raisins, coconut, raw honey and cinnamon:

Mid-morning I had two mandarin oranges.  Lunch was another Black Bean burger with a side of leftover tomato soup from Chipotle… gotta love my dark and blurry iPhone pics at my desk!

That’s a “Veggie Slice” soy cheese on there along with some zucchini hummus, romaine, cucumber and roma tomato.

Dinner was odd, but fun.  I took two Wasa crackers, smeared them with zucchini hummus, added pepitas, sun dried tomatoes, half of a small avocado, then covered the whole thing with spiralized zucchini.  Mmmm.  Funny looking, but GOOD!

Yes, Santa brought me a spiralizer!  And I swore I took a picture of it, but I can’t find it so I’ll have to take another one.  I’ve added this spiralizer to my FitFeat Faves Store, so you can take a gander at it there for now if you’d like.  I used the medium blade on this one so that I ended up with zucchini ‘noodles’ the thickness of spaghetti!  This is the best way to have fun eating your veggies!  Thank you, Santa!!  I’ll be talking a lot more about this fun tool in future posts.

My apologies for the Speedy Gonzales post but I have to head to work or I’ll be late!  🙂  I still have to pack my lunch and I need to be on the road in 8 minutes!  Have a WONDERFUL Wednesday friends!  See you soon!

— Shari B. =)

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