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Hi friends!

Thanks for the great tips you left in comments to the YAYS and NAYS post!  After this post I’ll be replying to the comments from Tuesday!  I had the busiest day yesterday – I didn’t even SEE my home computer at ALL!  So I didn’t get a blog post out and I didn’t even get to reply to any emails.  I woke up this morning and it feels like Wednesday was a total blur.

I would almost think Wednesday didn’t happen, if it weren’t for my SORE LEGS!  They are proof that I did in fact get up and workout yesterday! 🙂

Wednesday’s Workout:

  • 5 min warmup on TM

Three Sets in a row of:

  • High Step-Ups 15R, 15L
  • Explosive Lunges 18
  • 1-Arm Overhead Shoulder Press 18R, 18L

Two Sets in a row of:

  • Plié Squats with heels raised 10 full, 10 low pulse, 10 full, 10 low pulse
  • Static Lunge Right 10 full, 10 low pulse, 10 full, 10 low pulse
  • Static Lunge Left 10 full, 10 low pulse, 10 full, 10 low pulse

One Set Each of:

  • Thigh Dance from Physique 57 (Tabata style) 2 minutes
  • Straight Arm Planks 1 min
  • Forearm Planks with 20 hip dips

Legs = FRIED!  🙂 I love the day after a good leg workout when all the muscles are reminding you they are there!  The legs are TALKING TO ME TODAY!


I’ve had some good eats in recent days that I thought you’d like to see.

A grilled goat cheese sandwich (made on Ezekial bread, what else??) with a side salad and another WONDERFUL new soup (Imagine brand Organic Fire Roasted Tomato Bisque).  A very creamy yet DAIRY-FREE tomato soup!  I LOVED this soup… very flavorful.  A quick and tasty dinner.  I went very light on the goat cheese to keep it from being too calorie dense, about an ounce and a half in thin slivers.

I also attempted to make an Edamame Hummus, after having devoured that appetizer at Root Down last week.  I had a 10 oz package of organic frozen shelled edamame and scanned through a few recipes on the internet.

This contains lemon juice, sesame oil, sea salt, and some veggie stock.  I think what I ended up with was more Eda-mole than hummus.  It needed a LOT of added sea salt to have some flavor, so I’ll be trying a few more recipes.  This one wasn’t really worth sharing just yet.  Not bad, just not WOW.  And definitely not nearly as good as Root Down’s.

If you have a recipe for Edamame Hummus that you’d like to share (or ANY hummus for that matter, seeing how I am a HUMMUS-HOLIC) I’d love to hear from you! Drop a comment!

Speaking of hummus, we made a trip to Garbanzo’s and my hummus plate lasted for THREE meals!  Now that’s budget- friendly!  You get a big dollop of hummus in the middle and then I order all the veggies they offer, and skip the rice, pita and chips.   Then I bring it home and using an Ezekial pita, I do this:

Smear a little hummus inside the pita, add two falafel, pickled eggplant, tabbouleh, and the chopped tomato/cucumber salad.  Then I made a side salad with spinach from home, added a little hummus, some pickled eggplant and a drizzle of their tahini dressing.  THREE MEALS I got out of this for the $6 plate.  And TASTY!

And Berni,  you will be happy to know that I did in fact wash my ALL of my spinach as soon as I read your comment about doing it on the weekend.  🙂  Which had crossed my mind, but I was being LAZY!

No fecal material in MY salads or smoothies, thankyouverymuch!


Well, I am off to take my pics for tomorrow’s FLEX-IT FRIDAY.  Send me your pics today to shari at fitfeat dot com.  If you DO NOT get a reply from me by email after sending your pic(s), drop a comment here at the blog to let me know.  Because I will write each person back when the pics come through to let you know I got them, so no return email means that they didn’t make it through.  And if you are a blogger, include your URL and I’ll be sure to link back to your site when I write the post.

Where are the peeps from Cindy’s CORE Challenge? This is for you!

Have a terrific Thursday, friends!

— Shari B. =)

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