One for the Ladies…

Good morning FitFeat friends!  Happy Friday-Eve!

Has anyone else had a weird week this week?  Mine has been just been “off”.   Is there a full moon or something?

I got some feedback that some of you ladies wanted me to proceed with a “You Know You’re PMS-ing When…” post.  Fellas out there, hope you don’t mind. Maybe this will shed some light on the female(s) in your life.  But if you men want to sign off now for this one, I don’t blame you!  😉

I’ll tell ya right now, this post falls under the “TMI” category, but I think it will be helpful to create a discussion where we can all feel comfortable sharing our experiences and symptoms.

We all know the standard symptoms like the emotional rollercoaster and chocolate cravings.   But I get some other weird ones in addition.  Here is the list of the “other” PMS symptoms I’ve kept track of and now know to expect.

1.) Digestion and elimination: these slow way down for almost a full week leading up to the first day of my cycle.  The two days before we are talking serious traffic jam.  Almost ZERO movement. Then on the first day of my period, exact opposite.  We’re talking Audobon now in lieu of traffic jam.  Bizarre.  I know now to expect it and that’s a part of why in the Spring Slimdown I haven’t been bothered this past week by the lack of ‘weight loss’ because I knew what the ‘hold-up’ was.

2.) Sleep: usually one or two nights during my PMS I either have trouble falling asleep or trouble staying asleep.

3.) Creativity:I tend to have two or three days prior to my cycle where my mind is just GOING.  Tons of ideas running through my head, many of which seem to come to my during that night that I can’t get to sleep!

4.) Motivation swings: along with the creative juices, I get a HUGE motivation boost where I want to ACT on all those great ideas and I feel like I am superwoman and can conquer the world.  (Hmm, did I agree to marathon training during a PMS phase?)  Unfortunately this boost is followed by a dip where I feel like getting out of bed is just tough, let alone tackling things like exercise, cooking or implementing great ideas.  This usually is a day or two, and doesn’t necessarily always coincide with the night or two of poor sleep.  But I have to be really careful about making decisions during this ‘cycle’.  I think I’ve quit a few jobs during this ‘timeframe’ in the past, not to mention taken on new crazy projects.

5.) Body temperature swings: normally I run really cold anyway but I’m especially cold the day before and 2-3 days into my cycle.  During PMS time though, I experience a few moments where I’m actually WARM (and this month even had a few nights where I woke up REALLY hot and sweaty… which got me wondering if I’m headed toward hot flashes soon.)  I rather like the WARMTH after being so cold all the time.

6.) Hollow-leg syndrome: this is less about cravings and more about just being plain ol’ HUNGRY!  Sometimes during PMS it’s like my ‘full-switch’ is broken.  I can eat a bunch and still not feel hungry.  Hopefully what I’ve heard about the body burning around 100 more calories a day during our periods is true, because I could use the help burning off all the excess calories I must be consuming!

How about you?  I’d love to know if others have some of the same (or different) issues I run into.  If you don’t feel comfortable posting directly to the comments section about this topic, feel free to email me and I’ll put out an “anonymous” post for you. I think we can all benefit from sharing our experiences.

Also how long does your PMS last?  Mine is a whopping 9 days like clockwork!  Luckily my actual cycle is MUCH shorter – usually only 3-4 days.

Thanks for giving me the green light to run this post!  I really appreciate the input I receive from you all!

Let the conversation begin!


Spring Slimdown is updated with Day 16 and Day 17.  Check out the yummy vegan burrito MSP brought home for me last night!  And the weight is finally past the 2 lb loss mark!  YAY!

Have a TERRIFIC Thursday!  See you next time!

— Shari B.  =)

PS:  Have you watched FOOD REVOLUTION yet?  Signed Jamie’s petition for better school lunches?

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