Blogger Meet-Ups and Beachside Running

Hi blog buds! 

Wow, do I ever feel like I have been neglecting you guys!  I have lots of blog reading AND writing to catch up on.  I’m trying to be a little more “present to the moment” on this vacation, because I’m usually pretty bad at that.  I’ve apparently done well so far as I’ve just NOT been online at all.

So to rewind a bit, we got into San Diego Saturday afternoon around lunchtime and hung out with my cousin Kevin at his oceanside condo for the weekend.  And do I mean OCEANSIDE. 

Look to the left:


And look to the right:

All you see is sandy beaches.  It was absolutely gorgeous. 

Saturday evening we met up with another cousin that you all know as reader Carrie D. in downtown SD for dinner.  Carrie’s the gorgeous blonde on the left.  🙂 

We’ve only had a chance to see each other twice in the 20 years since I moved to Denver, so it was so fun to get to see her and hang out!  We loved seeing her and meeting her boyfriend, and I look forward to hopefully having them come to Denver someday for a visit.  Carrie and Dan are the kind of people who just fit in wherever they go and always have great stories to tell.  I could have chatted with them for hours, and the night went by way too fast!

Then on Sunday morning it was up and at ’em bright and early for my first ever blogger meet-upCindy and her hubs drove from an hour away at the crack of dawn so that Cindy and I could meet and run together.  I don’t know if I have the right words to express how great this experience was for me.  I feel that she and I are kindred spirits, like ‘sistas from anotha mister’.  😉  I loved her!  And I loved her hubs just as much. 

First of all, let me just tell you Cindy is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, inside and out.  She’s very photogenic but even her pics don’t do her justice to how pretty she is in person.  And as sweet and kind as she comes across on her blog, getting to know her face to face now I am blown away by what a great person she is.  And generous – she made me a jar of HOMEMADE crystallized ginger, which is probably one of my FAVORITE treats ever!  It was so delicious and it’s almost gone already.  She even brought a can of coconut water for me to drink after our run. 

Second, a HUGE congrats to her for running her first 5 mile route!  Wahooo!  She did it!  Way to go, girl!  Truly we had so much to chat about I think we hardly noticed that our feet were moving.  I think we could have run another 5 without even noticing.

After the run, the three of us hit up Starbucks and continued chatting.  The conversation was varied and deep – and I loved EVERY minute! 

I could have stayed all day hanging out with them both.  I feel that I’ve made some lifelong friends.  I was so touched by these two and in such a great mood after they dropped me off that when I got back to the condo, I was on cloud 9 and talking a mile a minute to MSP about how much fun I had.

Cindy and Mr. Cindy… 😉  Thank you SO much for taking so much time out of your weekend to come down and spend some time!  I had a fantastic time and can’t wait till the next time! 

She has a good recap and more photos over at her blog too if you’d like to read more:  A Sparkle a Day. Go check it out!


Alright friends, I better get back into vacation mode.  Today is going to be my only chance to get out in some warm weather in Vegas, because a storm is moving in that will bring rain and a HIGH temp of 59 degrees tomorrow and Thursday.  (I told you that cold weather follows me wherever I go!)

I hope that your week is off to a great start!  Have a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!

— Shari B. =)

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