Tomato Babies!

Hello there blog buds!  Welcome to Thursday!  I always love “Friday-EVE”!

I went out this morning to take a look at our vegetable plants and things are starting to FINALLY bear ‘fruit’ so to speak!

A baby heirloom tomato:

And future “Red Beauty” red pepper:

I went over to check out the raised garden around to the side of the house and things there are growing faster there too.  We’ve had insane heat (high 90s) and crazy rain lately, so things are starting to take off.

We have some ‘accidental’ garlic growing!

Some of my garlic bulbs in the kitchen sat a little too long and had a tiny green sprout so MSP put a clove in the garden just to see what happened.  Pretty cool!  I’m not sure what we’ll find UNDER the ground but I’ll at least have some “garlic scapes” to use!

We have zucchini blossoms but no actual zucchini yet:

And lots of KALE:

The beginning of cauliflower:

So exciting!  I’ll obviously know when to harvest my zucchini, cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, etc., but I have NO clue when I should pull up my scallions, garlic or kale!  Any tips from you seasoned green-thumbs out there?  We apparently have a late growing season here, as I am reading friends’ blogs in other states where they already have red juicy tomatoes.


In the spirit of “things blooming”, I have to share that I found the most perfect buyer for my car (well actually I guess SHE found ME). In the process of selling the car, I have gained a new friend!  You know when you have to give up a pet and you want to know it will be going to a good home?  I felt this way about my car.  I loved that car and was a little emotional about selling it, even though I knew selling it was the smart thing to do for me right now.  The buyer turned out to be this really cool young woman who is into running and is just as talkative as me.  At the bank yesterday, the banker could hardly get us to pay attention to what we needed to do because we were so busy gabbing about all that we have in common.  We exchanged info and plan to stay in touch.  I was so anxious when I listed my car about the kind of people I might have to deal with during a sale and about the whole process itself, and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect experience.  She and her dad were just really neat people.  Who would imagine you could sell a car and make friends in the process?  So fun!

Do you have any good (or horrifying) experiences with selling something?  I’ve sold a fair amount of things over the years, usually on Craigslist, and I have to say that I’ve met some characters, to say the least!

This week the song that speaks to me is Andy Grammer’s “Keep Your Head Up” (click HERE to listen to the song):

I’ve been waiting on the sunset
Bills on my mindset
I can’t deny they’re getting high
Higher than my income
Income’s breadcrumbs
I’ve been trying to survive

The glow that the sun gives
Right around sunset
Helps me realize
This is just a journey
Drop your worries
You are gonna turn out fine.
Oh, you’ll turn out fine.
Fine, oh, you’ll turn out fine


Love that song! Have a great day, friends!

— Shari B. =)

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