How to Have a Stupendous September

Hey there blog buds!

How has August been treating you so far?  Summer days are dwindling as we gear up for autumn.  I am ready for the fall season to arrive.  When I lived in Colorado, I would mourn the end of summer and cling to every last warm day. Here in Arizona, I am counting down the days until summer ends!  🙂 I couldn’t help but laugh when I was watching the news the other day and the meteorologist actually made the comment “we’ll only make it to 103 today”.  ONLY.  When 103 is a cooldown, you know it’s HOT.

Whether you are ready to grieve the passing of summer or celebrate the kick-off of fall, I am going to help you create a STUPENDOUS SEPTEMBER!  (Do you remember the last time you used the word “stupendous”?  Me either! LOL!)

I have put together a 30 day list of tasks and tips to give your habits a turbo-boost!  A little “challenge” if you will for those of you who really connect with the idea of being challenged!

Something to do or focus on every day, from mind-set to better eating to sneaking in extra exercise.

FB Sept 2015 FB coverFirst, grab your copy of the STUPENDOUS SEPTEMBER checklist by clicking here!

Then if you want the extra good stuff that goes along with each day’s item, join me on Facebook where I’ll expand further on the daily item all month long with additional ideas, recipes, links – everything I can to help you be successful at filling your September with better habits!  (I’ll also post the dailies on Instagram, but since it limits my ability to post links and other “extras”, that stuff will be on the FB side.)

NOTE about printing your downloadable:  save to your computer first and then choose to print full size in the printer properties.  Otherwise it might try to print a miniature that is much harder to see.  🙂


This is win-win.  No matter where you are now on your healthy living path, there is something in this list (challenge) that everyone can benefit from doing.  You can also add it to whatever you are doing already.  Do it “by the list” or pick and choose what you like!  It’s YOURS to explore!

Please feel free to share this with your friends so that they can join in.  Forward them the link to this post, tag some friends in the Facebook thread, the more the merrier! It’s FREE and beneficial!  Let’s spread stupendousness all month long!  I’m excited to experience September with you!

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