Season of Reflection

It feels like it was just a few weeks ago when I was composing the theme post for 2015.  What a roller coaster ride 2015 has been!  I always find it so fascinating to reflect back upon the year with “wiser” eyes, reviewing life events along the way and thinking, “Wow, I certainly didn’t expect THAT when I envisioned what the year ahead might hold!”.

That IS what makes life interesting, right?

For some reason though, instead of just going with the flow I kept railing against the journey because it wasn’t following my “plan”. Gosh darn it, I would stay the course if I had to strong-arm life with sheer force to do so!

It created a lot of unnecessary stress and unhappiness, to be truthful.  And I feel like that’s why this year feels as if it’s flown by.  I was living with one foot stuck in the past and one foot stuck in the future and TOTALLY MISSED OUT on the NOW!  Sure there was an explanation for why that happened (ahhh good ol’ real estate!) but I let it dictate too many choices along the way.

happy holidays 2015v1

My theme for the new year is SIMPLY, NOW.
(1) Stop spreading my time so thinly
(2) Learn to stop feeling guilty when I say NO to things that I truly do not want to do  (phew this one will be a challenge…. I can say no fairly well but it’s how I torture myself in my own mind after doing so that is so painful…!)

What will 2016 look like here at FitFeat?  Well, seeing how I am going to practice living and working more in the NOW, I can’t say for sure!  And that’s the whole point! 😀  I imagine I’ll scale further back on the website/newsletter – I have a different philosophy now than I did in 2009, so what I want to teach and share doesn’t fit as well under the “FitFeat” umbrella, seven years later.  It’ll stay put for now – but just less active.  (I’ll still post most new items on the FitFeat Facebook page though – lots of good nuggets out there if you want to take a look.)

I would love to hear about your experience in the comments section.  On any and all of these thoughts:
Are you taking time to stop and smell the roses?
If not, what is getting in the way?
What do you want to say YES to more often and which things will you have to say NO to in order to do that?
What theme speaks to you for this new year?
And… are email newsletters and blogs passé?

I wish each and every one of you a beautiful holiday season, no matter what you celebrate.  Revel in each moment, look for joy even in the shadows and be kind to yourself!  Best wishes for a SPECTACULAR 2016!

— Shari B.

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