When You Start to Feel Stuck

Well hello there friends!

I know, it’s been a spell since the last post!  There is that saying “Can’t see the forest for the trees” — I was experiencing a little of that as we began the new year for sure. I mentioned in the previous post that I’d been feeling the need for some reflection and introspection.  I followed through on that and really took a step back so that I could see things more in the “wide lens” mode.  My personal life lens was stuck on macro!

It is fascinating how you can gain clarity from releasing all focus for a minute (or a number of weeks!) and then what you needed to see actually appears! And you are able to point in the right direction.

While this was going on in a number of areas, here is one example:

I was a very healthy eater before going to holistic culinary/nutrition training (case in point: my old blog posts circa 2009). Then upon graduating from the program and becoming a personal chef, it came with an added pressure (perhaps self-imposed) that now ‘mealtime’ needed to be amazing. A green smoothie or salad just couldn’t be simple anymore, because gosh darn it, I was certified natural chef after all and by golly people would EXPECT that anything I created or ate should be innovative or new in some way.

Wow did I start to dread cooking.  And sharing my meals online.  Or even having people over for dinner.

I got into it in the first place because I have a passion for helping people EAT WELL to FEEL GOOD in their bodies and FUEL their lifestyle, seeing how I was a personal trainer and living a fit life was something I was so passionate about sharing.

I like simplicity.

I don’t like long involved recipes.

I don’t like complicated workout routines.

Unless it’s your day off and you FEEL like being complicated, then AIN’T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

ain't nobody got timeA short while ago, I cleaned up the “clutter” of my eating and workouts. Lo and behold, the extra pounds that I’d gained since moving to AZ starting falling off with ease.  I have more energy.  Momentum begets momentum.

Two easy steps: DECIDE and START

It was almost TOO easy – the kind of easy where you do a palm to the forehead like an old V8 commercial and say, “What took me so long???”

You determine the WHY and I can absolutely help you with the HOW. 

Do you have anything in your life right now that you are too lasered in on that it is causing you to miss seeing the bigger picture?

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