September Update

Hi Blog Buds!

Happy Friday AND Happy September!  We’re in the final third of the year!  Will you finish it out with a bang?

So happy that FALL will arrive at the end of the month here in the desert southwest.  It’s been a hot hot summer here and it will be so nice to see 90 degrees as the HIGH TEMP for the day instead of the overnight low.  ??

FitFeat has been in busy bee mode as of late — it’s just all been happening on the social media side.  If you are on FB please do two things:  follow the FitFeat page and also friend me directly!  I post SO MUCH of what I do each day out there daily.  Workout snippets, food bites, motivation tips AND of course cute dog stuff.  😉  If you want free info, that’s where you’ll find most of it!

I am also on instagram (@sharibecht).

Highlights of some of the 2016 journey:

Starting in March, I decided to take back control of my body and my fitness.  I finally put the fear of a rhabdo recurrence into the rearview mirror and recovered from a minor back injury.  I lost 13 lbs and feel better than ever!

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 10.19.43 AM

I opened my mind enough to actually research and try Shakeology (instead of just dismissing it as I had been for years) AND was pretty surprised that the vegan version exceeds my über-picky standards AND actually tastes amazing.  I am not afraid to admit when I’m wrong and I was about this – I pre-judged without the full info and haven’t missed a single day of it since March.

What has been super fun is that I am actually considering selling my entire squat rack setup and all the iron plates/accessories – because all of the progress I’ve made this year has been using MY OWN BODY WEIGHT in my workouts and hardly any equipment.  No gym needed!

By following a pre-set PLAN to stay consistent, I haven’t missed a workout in months.

Aug workouts

I offer challenge/accountability groups fairly often so if you are ready for a little extra PUSH, definitely get in touch with me!  I also run a free 5-day HEALTHY HABIT Kick/Start on Facebook so let me know if you’d like to be in one of the rounds!

There are SO many roadmaps to get you from Point A to Point B.  Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you are ready for your map!

I posted this video to share what my experience has been, why it has been effective and what’s included. The challenge pack specials that I mention in it have been extended through the month of September (22MHC, Country Heat, 21Day Fix [and Extreme], CIZE, PiYo, 3 Day Refresh).

Have a LOVELY Labor Day Weekend and let’s make the rest of 2016 AMAZING!

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