Seasonal Detox

At the change of season from summer to fall 2016, I decided to do a gentle cleanse/detox.  If you follow my page at all on Facebook, you likely saw some of the foods and updates I was posting about it.

In August, I had let some of my better habits slip a bit and a gained a few of the pounds back that I had shed earlier in the year.  It was a very busy month with work and I also had to say goodbye to my senior MinPin (Rascal, who has been featured in blog posts many times since 2009).

I chose to do the Ultimate Reset from Beachbody because I had followed a friend’s journey while she did hers and I was fascinated by the delicious food as well as her fabulous results. Having plenty of food is important to me because I enjoy eating and I noticed when I researched this cleanse that people remarked on how there was a TON of food!  Winner Winner Tempeh Dinner!  😉

The Ultimate Reset It is broken out into three phases of one-week each:

==>In the first week, you slowly begin to phase out meat and dairy and increase your produce intake.

==>In the second week, you are eating mostly produce, grains + beans as well as plenty of fiber to help flush out toxins.

==>In the third week, meals are centered around fruits and vegetables and you replenish the digestive tract with beneficial bacteria.

You receive a box filled with all kinds of neat stuff: all the supplements you will need for the full 21 days, a little zipper caddy for leaving the house with your supplements, a woven bracelet you can wear as a reminder of your journey as you go, and best of all an AMAZING spiral bound guide with everything you could possibly need for a successful 21 day cleanse. Info on what to do BEFORE the cleanse, what type of water to use, how to get better sleep, ways to enhance your detox, mind/body info, not to mention a meal plan for every single day, along with grocery lists for each phase and all the recipes for the meals.

I had fantastic results, both with weight loss and with improvement in my healthy habits.

My total weight loss in the 3 weeks was 7.4 lbs.  I shed the few pounds I had gained back and then some.  I even stopped my cleanse a little early because I didn’t want to lose anymore weight (I had reached a level of fat loss that was interfering with my sleep, so that was a signal to me that it was time.)  Much of the weight loss came in the first week.  In the second/third weeks when we are eating so much fiber (grains/beans/produce), weight went up for week 2 then down again in week 3.

In terms of the habits, I was really able to let go of emotional eating and reinstating my feelings of “food is fuel”.  I enjoyed the food and recipes a lot but I wasn’t needing to eat foods just for “pleasure” or to “soothe”.  When you are aiming for a gallon of water each day, I was happy to see how much better my skin looked and how filling it was.  Even we coaches/trainers who teach these things, sometimes need a reminder ourselves!  I was SO MUCH LESS HUNGRY in this cleanse by eating whole, nutrient-rich foods and drinking plenty of water between meals.  That made a huge difference.

What’s fun is since I had such great results even in the first week, now I feel like I have a one-week “slim down” plan that I can implement if I ever need to just get back on track and drop some bloat.

I have some tips and additional info that I am going to add into this post over the coming days so check back to see updates!

If you are interested in doing the reset, click here for details!



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