Embrace the Routine

I posted this the other day in my coaching group and decided I wanted to share it here as well.

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Think about this quote in terms of our physical bodies and our health journeys…  “When we let go of all expectation, there is peace.”

It is so easy to get caught up in tunnel vision for the “end result” or the “destination”.  That makes it much to easy to miss out on the teachable lessons in the day to day.

If you can learn to embrace the PROCESS and ROUTINE of eating well and moving your body simply because it’s a part of your day and let go of the expectation that “something should happen” (be it weight loss, muscle growth etc), just think how much more joyful it could be.

Then, by just continuing to move forward one day at a time, following the process, that “something” you were wanting DOES actually happen. And maintenance is much easier since now that ROUTINE and that PROCESS is just a part of who you are every day!

Master that and you’ll have success all around.


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