The Close of a Very Long Chapter

221228Wow the years sure fly by!

My fitness journey has been “public” in some capacity for 22 years now.  My passion for the power of nutrition began in 1995. I turned it into my career in 2000, added the online component of blogging and social media in 2009, completed holistic nutrition/culinary school in 2011 to add a personal chef and health coaching service in 2011, added a Behavior Change Specialist certification in 2015 and online challenge group coaching in 2016.

Phew!  It’s been one heck of a run!

But now it’s time to close the chapter.  Not a lightly made decision by any means and one that has caused many sleepless nights and much anxiety over the course of the past year.

I’m moving on to pursue other passions with the start of 2018.

You know that feeling when you would write a paper for school, and after you had proofread it too many times you just couldn’t even “see” it anymore?  The answer was always to put it down for awhile so you could come back with a “fresh set of eyes”.  That’s where I’m at with FitFeat.  It’s been through many transitions and ultimately I prefer to coach on habits and behaviors (rather than how many squats to do and how many eggs to eat LOL).  I have loads of content written and ideas stored.  To find the clarity and make room for the future creations, I have to close the lid in order to create some distance between the “previous” and the “next”.

Now I’m sure you KNOW I’ll still be doing my own fitness thing behind the scenes, never “missing those Mondays”, keeping up on my healthy habit routine building, drinking my morning chocolate cherry deliciousness. So I hope you’ll continue to do the same with your own habits!  My mission was always to help inspire other people to seek out their own version of healthy, one that was livable for their unique life.

Thank you so much for having been a part of FitFeat!  I hope you know what an honor it has been!

With love and gratitude,

Shari signoff




NOTE: The site will remain up for a few more months so there will likely be plenty of broken links from old posts that link to prior “work with me” pages, etc.

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