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Embrace the Routine

I posted this the other day in my coaching group and decided I wanted to share it here as well. Think about …

MicroGreen Salad, Pepitas, Quinoa salad

Seasonal Detox

At the change of season from summer to fall 2016, I decided to do a gentle cleanse/detox.  If you follow my page …

Aug workouts

September Update

Hi Blog Buds! Happy Friday AND Happy September!  We’re in the final third of the year!  Will you finish it out with a …


When You Start to Feel Stuck

Well hello there friends! I know, it’s been a spell since the last post!  There is that saying “Can’t see the forest …

What's In My Bag

What’s In My (Hiking) Bag?

Hi blog buds! WOW I have thoroughly enjoyed the time we’ve spent together during the Stupendous September! Tomorrow is already the 30th …

Product Review: MealEnders

As a kid, it was a pretty regular thing to have a sweet treat in the time between dinner and bedtime.  Sometimes …


Releasing Attachment

Learning to let go of certain beliefs about ourselves can pave the way for increased happiness in our bodies and in life overall.