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The next month will fly by, whether you’re working toward your goals or not!  So why not spend that time learning how to achieve your ultimate goal?

If you are even slightly unhappy with your level of fitness or how your clothes fit or a lack of energy, DO THIS FOR YOURSELF. You absolutely deserve it.Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 11.19.32 AM


stillgoingWith my experience as a personal trainer for 17 years, a former NPC figure competitor, a five-time half marathoner and formerly overweight female, I KNOW how to get you to your goals, SAFELY and efficiently.  And I WALK my TALK.

While we all know there is no magic bullet for getting healthy and fit just by snapping our fingers, what I CAN tell you for sure is that there is definitely MAGIC in being accountable.  If motivation has been lacking for you, you need this.

Get lean, get strong, get healthier.  I am “44 years young” and if I can do it with unfortunate genetics I have, YOU TOTALLY CAN too.  FOOD is your secret weapon – so my APRIL coaching group is going to teach you how to use food to your advantage.  Abs are made in your workouts, but UNVEILED in your kitchen!

If you are tired of spinning your wheels, not sure why you aren’t making progress and you’re ready to lean a bit out of your comfort zone to create new habits, the sign up now!

I want you to feel AMAZING in your own skin and learn the tools that can last a lifetime!


  • coaching from ME, with daily check-ins and support and extras along the way (including exclusive FitFeat info that you won’t find in other challenge groups)
  • a free tracking app for challenge (iOS or Android)
  • proven short workout program options, usually only about 30 minutes of your day
  • loads of nutrition information, meal ideas, prep ideas and more
  • tips and tools to keep you from feeling lost or overwhelmed
  • the MAGIC of group accountability and support – it’s like having your own personal cheer squad!
  • All the workouts you’ll need, streamable online for an ENTIRE YEAR – with fitness programs options to meet many tastes (boot camp, yoga, bodybuilding, HIIT, and more)
  • A workout calendar so you know what exactly what to do each day
  • A one-month supply of dense superfood nutrition shakes in the flavor you choose (including vegan options)
  • A unique and simple portion container nutrition plan that teaches you appropriate portions to maintain YOUR best weight!

The challenge is not free, but it IS a MASSIVE bargain compared to hiring a personal trainer one-on-one for the amount of time and coaching you will receive in this group.  (At only $160 it costs less than TWO 1:1 sessions with me and my challengers will tell you that get so much more value out of it than what you actually invest.)

I also have found that when you make a small investment in yourself, it often provides an extra layer of motivation!  People who invest in a program have higher completion rates and better results than those who sign up for free challenges.


==> “join because it teaches you what not to do and also shows you your weaknesses (even if you think you have been eating healthy). The accountability is also a huge motivator. I love the apps and daily check in from Shari. Also you would pay way more for a personal coach and trainer.”

==> “You’ve given me confidence and this challenge has changed my attitude”

==> “I love the changes I’m seeing in my body, habits, and everyday life as a result of being accountable to others.”

==> “I love the program calendar. It allows me to not have to think about what workout I need to do. I loved seeing Shari’s post each morning. It was one of the first things I looked at before starting my day.”

Questions?  Contact me!

Registration is now open for September coaching spots!  

If you are interested in working with me via group or personal coaching, click HERE to fill out the form and I will get in touch to chat about the options with you!



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IMG_3184More About Shari:

I’m an ACE Certified Fitness Trainer with a specialty certification in Behavior Change.  I’m also a graduate of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition + Culinary Arts. I am extremely passionate about guiding clients off the traditional diet roller coaster and learning to incorporate habits that make leading a fit lifestyle feel practically effortless. Nutritious food CAN be delicious, moving our bodies can be joyful, and maintaining a healthy weight does not have to drive you crazy!

I have been in the fitness and nutrition industry for 17 years and know from personal experience that the key to any physique transformation has so much to do with what we feed our bodies.


Don’t let fear of the unknown hold you back!