Let’s Get Acquainted!

Hi friend!  I’m Shari.

And I want you to live an amazing happy, healthy lifestyle.

It doesn’t have to be difficult. I’m here to help!

My philosophy on a happy, healthy lifestyle means:

  • Appreciating and accepting your body
  • Enjoying nourishing, supportive foods that will make you feel great, look great and (best of all) actually fit with your own lifestyle.  (No more food anxiety about happy hours and vacations!)
  • Moving your body in a way that invigorates you and keeps you coming back for more

In a nutshell:
You EAT.  You MOVE.  You LOVE.  You THRIVE.

Let me share a bit of my background with you so you’ll see why I am so incredibly inspired to get you eating, moving, loving and thriving:

During the early part of my adult life, I was a chronic dieter.  I tried more diets than I could fit on this page.  I had great success with some on down to no success (and even weight gain) with others.

I’ve been at two different sides of the spectrum.  I’ve been overweight.  And I’ve been ultra-lean in order to compete in figure/fitness model competitions.  And all the in-betweens.

Shari in 2000Shari BeforeFigure Pics

Frustration was a regular part of this journey.   Sure I was frustrated when I was overweight.  But you know what? I was even more frustrated once I had achieved what I thought was the body of my dreams.  After getting lean enough to compete in physique competitions (which isn’t really a level of leanness one stays at for normal life), I experienced difficulty being at peace with my shape when I had to add back on the few (normal healthy) pounds post-show.  That’s what happens when you don’t love yourself and your body enough BEFORE you start your weight loss or fitness journey, or understand WHY you want to achieve certain physique goals.

Fortunately the dieting and over-exercise caught up with me and I developed some chronic health issues.  I say ‘fortunately’ — because it took experiencing declined health for me to WAKE UP and learn what it meant to be truly HEALTHY, from the INSIDE first.  I am thrilled to say that I came out stronger, healthier and SO much happier on the other side.

Today, I ENJOY food (I’m a certified natural chef – I like to eat!).  I choose movement for ‘exercise’ that is fun, leaves me energized, and most of all that makes me smile (I don’t think anything makes me happier than a hike on a warm spring morning!).  And guess what the icing on the cake is?  I’m at a weight that is easy to maintain but that I’m very happy with.  I don’t have to beat myself up about eating dessert or having wine.  I can go on vacation and come home the same weight.

You can do the SAME.

If you’re not, let’s work together.  I can’t wait for you experience the FREEDOM it brings.


Shari’s Credentials

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
PnL1 Certified Nutrition Coach
Certified Behavior Change Specialist, ACE
Certified Natural Chef

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As a graduate of Bauman College of Holistic Nutrition + Culinary Arts, Shari is extremely passionate about guiding her clients off the diet roller coaster and on to the relaxed path to a fit and healthy lifestyle.  Her mission is to teach her clients that nutritious food CAN be delicious and that maintaining a healthy weight does not have to drive you crazy!

Shari has been in the fitness and nutrition industry for almost 20 years and knows from experience that the key to any physique/health transformation is primarily due to what we feed our bodies.  She has maintained her own 40 pound weight loss since 2000 and went on to become an NPC Figure Competitor, a five-time half-marathoner, two “mud-run” obstacle courses, and a one-time triathlete (because once was enough on that event!).

Shari is passionate about helping others learn how to construct simple daily habits that work within their own lifestyle so that eating healthy and ‘exercising’ no longer feel like chores!  She will partner with you to find YOUR personal definition of fit!

Services include nutrition/lifestyle coaching programs for healthy weight loss + maintenance, custom Q+A sessions, accountability/challenge groups and DIY home fitness program options.