Kind Words

What Clients are Saying About FitFeat’s Coaching Programs:

From Lisa in CO: 

Shari’s knowledge is vast and the honest open conversation about food and health choices was extremely helpful.  Shari took the time to explain everything from what to look for in food labels to healthy meal preparation–I feel my family and I will benefit in many ways from this.

The fitfeat documentation is so well organized and helpful–and I plan to bring certain items along with me to the grocery store now.

I enjoyed our session immensely–and was able to have numerous questions answered throughout the conversation.  Shari is so knowledgeable and passionate about what she does.  Facing surgery, I admit to initially being hesitant to consult with a nutritionist because I felt my family & I already ate healthy. However, I benefitted from this tremendously and realized there is still so much to learn! Shari is truly gifted, pleasant to talk to and helped provide a vast nutritional foundation in a non-threatening way!  Thank you Shari!


From Jill in CO: 

I would highly recommend the session. I felt it was a big help, and well worth the cost. I have a more clear understanding of what to eat, and what not to eat. I feel comfortable that I can incorporate these changes into my daily life, at a rate I am comfortable with. Shari was patient with all my questions, and provided all the information in a manner that was easy to understand. The hours flew by, and I feel like I gained so much knowledge.


From Sheila in CO:

Shari was a pleasure to work with. Gave me a lot of information, never rushed and made sure I was comfortable with the topics covered. I am now thinking about all of my food choices differently.  Comfortable conversation with no judgement. Suggestions and ideas to improve nutrition without pushing too strongly on must do’s.


From Jen S. in CO:

Following my weight loss during a structured weight loss program, I discovered that I ended up in the same spot that many do after losing weight – how do I live here? That is when I sought the help of Shari. Her intuitive eating approach and holistic focus on nutrition was the way I knew I wanted to live my life. During my weight loss journey, my relationship with food moved from unfocused to somewhat fearful, as I was concerned about gaining my weight back.

Through phone coaching and e-mail, I was able to work with Shari to overcome my many fears and reintroduced healthy foods I had “banned”.  I learned how to focus on the nutrients of food while maintaining my weight and fueling my body, all the while slowly transitioning from logging my foods to eating intuitively. I learned so much about true nutrition, and discovered many new foods along the way that I have learned to love.

For anyone looking to free yourself from food fears, this is the woman for you! She is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition and fitness and speaks from her own experiences to translate the lessons into real life. Shari was always kinder to me than I was myself, but still pushed me to look beyond the surface as to what was really driving my behavior.  Thank you Shari, for giving me this wonderful gift of freedom!


From Julie in WA:

There are no comparisons to the services Shari provides.  Her realistic, innovative exercise and nutrition plans; her abilities to make the necessary changes to your routine to advance you through any plateaus; and her attention to detail are bar none.  Working with Shari has truly been a life changing decision.


From Colleen M. in CO: Learn more about Colleen, her journey and her business by clicking here.

I called Shari Becht with FitFeat for my counseling and learned a lot of really great information. So much that I completely changed the foods that I buy, eat, and prepare for my family. I think it’s one of the blessings of getting this diagnosis because the changes I have made benefit everyone in my family, including my young children.


From Melissa in CO:

We enjoyed your presentation so much and have already put some things into practice!  Very eye-opening! We all took away some really fantastic ideas.  It’s amazing how much we learned.  Overall, I just feel so much more educated and empowered to make good choices.


From Keri in CO:

Shari’s culinary talents are a delight for all the senses. Her knowledge of combining the highest quality ingredients with many healthful benefits is a craft she has mastered. Her passion for healthy food is contagious and is greatly needed in this country at this time. Nourishing our bodies with integrity and life force enhancing food to thrive is her forte!